Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server Cloud Instance

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Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server (NEMS) is a well-known enterprise asset monitoring system, combining the best of open source technologies with years of custom development to achieve a system that offers the best asset monitoring and alert system on the market at such a reasonable price.

We provide the Cloud Instance edition of NEMS to MSPs, tech support firms, and enterprise datacentres. If you are looking for the free Raspberry Pi version (NEMS Linux), please visit the developer’s web site at

NEMS CI (Nagios Enterprise Monitoring Server Cloud Instance) provides your MSP, technical support company or datacentre a cloud-based instance of NEMS.

Monitor all customer sites from within a single cloud console. Receive notifications (email, SMS, webhook, Telegram, etc.) should an incident occur, and display all problems in a single Tactical Overview in your MSP or technician’s work area.

Compatible with NEMSeOS, NEMS CI includes NEMS GPIO Extender capabilities. This allows you to remotely connect devices such as status lights to the GPIO pins of a Raspberry Pi to indicate the real-time state of your endpoints.

NEMS CI is sold under a monthly service agreement, with prices starting at just $150 per month. There are no per-device fees as would be the case with most rmon providers: Monitor all your customer endpoints without change to your monthly billing.

Every NEMS CI deployment includes NEMS Cloud Services, which provides daily offsite backups of your NEMS CI configuration.

Please submit an RFQ for pricing for your environment.

Current Version: 1.6

General Pricing:

  • NEMS Cloud Instance: $320 CAD /mo [Convert to USD] (Up to ~1000 endpoints. Larger customers may be quoted for additional resources)
  • NEMS Cloud Services: $0 (Includes NEMS Migrator Off-Site Backup)
  • NEMSeOS Extender Image: $0
  • Vanity Subdomain: $10 CAD /mo (Optional, replace randomly-generated subdomain with your own requested vanity name)